Monday, March 7, 2011

It's okay Mom, I have a helmet!

  After my Dad died life was (so they tell me) really hard. I mean I was really young and as far as I knew, that was just life. Mom went to work all the time. We often had either a baby sitter or Sabrina sitting in with us.  But growing up in the big house in Girard I became BEST friends with my sister Sarah.

  After Sabrina graduated and moved off to school, it was just Sarah and I. You can only imagine what kind of things the two of us got into. I remember one spring day we got bored with watching TV, so we decided to goof off. I sat in a laundry basket and pushed myself off the couch pretending it was a roller coaster or some barrell I was going off a water fall in. We laughed A LOT. And then my sister got the brilliant idea (and for some reason I used to always think my sister's ideas were genious) for me to ride it down the long staircase. So, saftey first, we took every pillow and every blanket we could find in the house and placed them at the bottom of the stairs. I even wore my bicycle helmet, just in case.  And I was the smallest, so I hopped in that blue laundry basket with a smile on my face and let my sister push me down the steps. I think we did this for the rest of the day, until my mother got returned from being at work all day. I was sooo excited to show my mom the new form of fun we discovered. I took her by the hand and led her to the stairs, ran to the top and climbed in the basket. My mother looks at me nervously but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. After all... we were being safe about this.  So I look at my mom and say, "it's okay mom. I have a helmet" and let my sister push me again.   ..That had to become something we didn't tell my mom when we did it.

  I didn't have any big brothers till I was 9. And with Sabrina at school, I only had one person to look after me when I got into trouble. Sarah and I are less that 2 years apart. So she and I almost always were in the same school. When boys bullied me, Sarah was my big brother. I slept in her room a lot when I had nightmares. I trusted her with all my secrets.  I can remember her chasing Matt Harrison on the playground for being horrible to me the day before. And I bet he won't ever forget the look on her face when she did lol. But even though my best friend lived down the hall from me and we ate dinner together every night, we still had our fights. She broke my toys and I annoyed her. I was the baby, mommy's little girl and I got my way a lot. To be honest, we still have our fights, only now they are worse. But no matter what, we always forgave each other. It's like impossible to fight with her forever.

  I'm 20 years old now. And so far I've had a crazy life.  And as I sit at the top of the stairs of life in my laundry basket, getting ready to let go and have a big adventure... I just want to remind my mom... don't worry. I 've got my helmet. And while the ride might be bumpy, and there might a little bit of risk on the way down... I plan on having as much fun as I can. Yet being smart about it lol

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